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  1. if the price for 1 ES option is $22, can I buy just for $22 or have to buy for $1100 (22x50)? Do I have to have all this money or can I use a bond for warranty?
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    Your question is bit confusing
    - What expiry what strike? can you put a screen shot
    do you mean it is showing 22 points? then that is $1100
    - any Bought options has to be paid either from cash in your account or if you hold some bonds the broker can treat that as cash
    Can you be more specific
  3. If an ES option is 22, it will cost you 22 x $50 to buy it = $1,100.

    Options cannot be bought on margin, you have to pay the full debit for it.
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  4. [QUOTE = "traderjo, postagem: 4726973, membro: 437807"] Sua pergunta é pouco confusa
    - Qual o prazo que greve? você pode colocar uma captura de tela
    você quer dizer que está mostrando 22 pontos? então isso é $ 1100
    - Quaisquer opções compradas devem ser pagas em dinheiro na sua conta ou se você tiver alguns títulos, o corretor pode tratar isso como dinheiro
    Você pode ser mais específico [/ QUOTE]

    The Strike Value doesn't matter, this not the point, I talking about the price of buy an option, only this, no I'm not talking about 22 points, I'm talking about U$22 dollars.
  5. [QUOTE = "El OchoCinco, post: 4727036, member: 35483"] Se uma opção ES for 22, custará 22 x $ 50 para comprar = $ 1.100.

    As opções não podem ser compradas com margem, você tem que pagar o débito total por isso. [/ QUOTE]

    There is no other way ? I can use leverage to buy stocks this not useful to optins?

  6. The ES option quotes are in points and you multiply by $50
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    as everybody else said it is 22 points = $1100 not $22 , also what are you asking about margin and Bond is confusing . please be more specific
    Are you saying you have a Treasury bond and want to use that as collateral to get cash loan to purchase a Option! IB allows it . have you asked your broker?
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  8. Yes! I am saying that Iwant buy a Treasury bond to use as collateral to get cash loan. But meaning of it this questions is that I want to make a structured operation without lose, Buy options call and put, at the same strike or very close, to always win, I know that I can make this in stocks but I want to do in ES mini. Any help are welcome.
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    1) As mentioned before having such Bond in a/c is as far as I know, by broker like IB is treated as cash, then what you use the cash for is up to you. in fact some suggest that in order to protect the capital from broker failure it is good to have your cash in a Bond and then lodge it with the broker ..... but that is another topic..
    2) I think by now you are clear on the $22 or $1100 issue
    3) This is still confusing ..."Buy options call and put, at the same strike or very close, to always win,
    How can you always win? or we missing something due to language
    If you buy a CALL and A PUT at same strike and IF the underlying does not move sufficiently in either direction you can loose!
    If anybody knew how "to always win" do you think they will share this with anybody!
    Oh man what exactly are you trying to say and do?
    by the way have you asked this question to any broker