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  1. I wonder if I use different platform such as lightspeed and laser from different prop firm, should I get the same ecn fee?

    Currently, I am using laser and the ecn fee is 0.0029 per share, if using limit order to adding liquidity, I get rebate.

    But I mainly dont like to use limit order, is there any place I can get lower ecn fee?

    Are all the ecn fee the same?

    Thanks for any input
  2. It's different for each exchange.

  3. Yeah, I know, I mean generally the ecn fees level, for example I am paying 2.9 per 1000 share of my ecn fees everyday, I use bats, arca most time....

    I just wonder how much ecn fee you pay everyday of your trading generally, beside your prop firm commission.
  4. ASE1245


    You need to have access to a smart route that has either a managed route or dark pool route in the mix, where they don't charge you a fee if that's where it's executed. (a managed route sends your order to a market maker that pays for order flow)

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    call your firm & ask them for advice on what routes you have available that would reduce your cost for execution

    learn what routes you have & there cost / is what you should do

    there are many routes & different fees & rebates that apply
  6. What kind of fees do you get for removing liquidity from BX & EDGA?
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    Go to the respective Web sites of the exchanges -- these fees/rebates change frequently. Any info posted here may be out of date before it's even posted.
  8. I know what the exchanges charge (or rebate)
    my question is more on the line of whether getting a remove rebate is an option for the guy who opened the thread... :) :D