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  1. kanellop


    Hello to all.

    I hope and i wish to be well.

    I have for all of you a Question this Hour.

    Does anyone use the CQG Spreader: http://www.cqg.com/Products/CQGSpreader.aspx ?

    If Yes, how you find that Software ?

    Interesting ?

    Have help you, in your Trading ?

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  2. caroy


    @ George

    Never heard of it. Knowing your interest in wheat do you have any thoughts on the dry weather in the Ukraine and its impact on wheat yields?
  3. kanellop



    Well, for Ukraine i have these Informations as most recent, for now:

    From 2 Days ago 29-06-2010:

    http://www.usda.gov/oce/weather/pubs/Weekly/Wwcb/ , in the Current Bulletin Volume 97, No. 26,

    and in the Page 28, that exist the:


    Intensifying drought in eastern crop areas contrasted with abundant rainfall across western portions of the region.

    A strong, stagnant area of high pressure provided dry, hot weather (32-40 degrees C) from eastern Ukraine

    into northern Kazakhstan and the Volga District, maintaining high levels of stress on reproductive to filling small grains.

    Summer crops (in particular corn and sunflowers) have not yet reached the heat-sensitive reproductive stage,

    although crops continued to develop at a faster-than-normal pace due to the unseasonable warmth (3-6 degrees C above normal).

    Rain will be needed soon across the eastern half of the region to replenish soil moisture and prevent widespread yield reductions.

    In contrast, heavy showers and thunderstorms produced 10 to 65 mm of rain across western portions of the region,

    maintaining favorable conditions for reproductive to filling winter and spring grains as well as vegetative corn and sunflowers.

    From yesterday 30-06-2010:

    "... Black Sea (new crop) feed and milling wheat export quotations moved higher.

    Warm and very dry conditions in Russia were bullish, as was slow farmer selling in Ukraine, tied to VAT refund uncertainties.

    Despite the firmer tone, prices remained competitive compared to alternative origins, as well as to other feed ingredients, notably maize.

    This prompted purchases by a number of countries in North Africa and Asia.

    Egypt secured 120,000 t milling wheat from Russia, at $165 fob, for Jul shipment, while Tunisia purchased 50,000 t soft milling wheats, at $166-169.50 fob, likely from the EU/Black Sea region.

    Israel bought 60,000 t feed wheat, at $157.00-$162.80 c&f, Jul-Sep, from optional origins, likely from the Black Sea region.

    Thailand and Vietnam secured 110,000 t and 55,000 t feed wheat, respectively, at $192-$200 c&f, Aug/Sep, and $195 c&f, Aug shipment, and South Korea took 55,000 t from optional origins, at $192 c&f, Jan. ..."

    From today 01-07-2010:

    FSU: The 10/11 FSU wheat production estimate is 101.2 MMT, down 400 TMT from last week due to acreage adjustments.
    Showers favored southern and western Ukraine, Belarus, southern North Caucasus, and eastern Western Siberia this past week,

    which helped to improve moisture for spring wheat growth.

    However, dryness continues to maintain stress on spring wheat across Volga Valley, northwestern Kazakhstan, and eastern Central Region.

    Rains should increase across northeastern Ukraine, southern Central Region and north central Kazakhstan this week,

    with a few showers also expected in central Volga Valley.

    The rains will improve moisture a bit for spring wheat growth,

    although much more widespread rains will still be needed in Volga Valley, northwestern Kazakhstan, and northern North Caucasus to end dryness and crop stress there.

    The Wheat Production for Ukraine is estimated as follows:

    Area (m Hectares) for the Period 09/10: 6.8

    Area (m Hectares) for the Period 10/11: 6.4

    Yield (kg/ha) for the Period 09/10: 3075

    Yield (kg/ha) for the Period 10/11: 3050

    Production (mmt) for the Period 09/10: 19.6

    Production (mmt) for the Period 10/11: 19.6

    Also honesty by my Side, i do not know where are exactly the Wheat Crop Areas in Ukraine for the Year 2010.

    If i know them, i would like to have Weather Informations exactly for them and 5 Days Weather Prediction Forecast, i guess.

    By my Side i know only one Company that can possibly monitor these Crop Areas.

    But have not a Commercial Product yet.

    Is GDA Corp.: http://www.gdacorp.com/ .

    Even Lanworth: http://www.lanworth.com/ , that have the Commercial Product with the Name: RAY,

    i do not believe that cover them.

    For Weather Informations the best Company in that Field is the MDA Federal (with my small opinion): http://www.mdafederal.com/home .

    But as you can understand,

    you must have the Wheat Crop Areas and then to get Informations for Weather in these Crop Areas about.

    Also we do not know the Cost for that.

    Will be possible if suppose that we have the chance to get these Informations, to pay for them ?

    Sounds difficult the Game, but is possibly that, the True...

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  4. kanellop


    Hello Again.

    I want to notice something else, possibly interesting.

    The last Days i have detect and this Company in the Internet:

    http://www.cropforecaster.com/ .

    By my Side i have not contact with them until now.

    Also, i do not know if someone from here,

    follow it and also is happy with their Products.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  5. would be interested in knowing if anybody uses either CQG Spreader or TT Spreader (more interested in TT) as well...
  6. Depending on your needs, TT is slow (and yes I'm counting the server-based spread logic). If you don't care, it's very stable, widely supported at FCMs, has nice Windows integration, etc.

    CQG is considerably faster, but doesn't look as good maybe, and isn't quite as stable/reliable. CQG also has some kinda cool client-side scripting stuff.
  7. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    I have used TT since 1998 and the AutoSpreader since 2000. I have a couple of clients using the CQG Spreader since the first of the year. For basic strategies it is fine; for more complex arbitrage strategies a client has been incurring some stability problems.
  8. kanellop


    Hello Again, caroy.

    I hope to be well.

    I want to show you this hour an Example to how important (with my small opinion) is,

    to have Data,

    especially Interactive Data,

    for where are exactly located the Crops.

    Please navigate that Internet Link:

    http://atlas.agr.gc.ca/agmaf/index_...M,Roads500K,ferry500K;springWheatPerCropland; .

    Imagine relative to that Internet Link,

    to can add more Interactive Data like Interactive Weather Data,

    for example,

    in the exactly All Crop Region: % of Cropland with Spring Wheat ,

    that appears to that Interactive Map,

    and then to see on the Interactive Map, Interactive Statistical Results


    to extract the Interactive Statistical Results that appears on the Interactive Map,

    somewhere else based of your preferences,

    for more Analysis by your Side.

    I believe that will raise you a lot, your Fundamental Analysis.

    I do not know what do you believe...

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  9. In regards to TT AutoSpreader, for those of you who use it, is there the ability to place a stop order on the spread? Thanks.
  10. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    No, the TT AutoSpreader does not support Stop-Loss orders.

    I have asked for it many times over the years.
    #10     Jul 15, 2010