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  1. If you are paired up how much leverage do you give overnight?
  2. Don is called "the most generous man in trading".if you look very closely at a pictute of "the last supper" with jesus; don is in the background.
  3. We tend to slow traders down at around 30 to one. Some us more of course.

    Haircut may apply.

    up to 6 times your equity, no haircut

    If you use 12 times, then you pay 1% per year. It scales up to around 3.75 at 30 to one approx.

    "Bless you my son" LOL (I am .......)

    Don :)
  4. i love ya don, you have a sense of humor.
  5. Thanks, can't take life too seriously or you go nuts, especially traders it seems.

    Don :)
  6. How much naked intraday leverage is available at Bright?
  7. We don't really track it in terms of xx times equity...we just ask to keep it reasonable. Brand new people are asked to keep it to 5000 shares per stock, 10,000 total to begin with.

    10,000 x average price of $50.00 about half million with 20 grand, often times more.


  8. geez. That sure beat any firm hands down