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Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashmoney69, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Why is after hrs trading on stocks only limited to a few hrs?..If I wanted to buy/sell shares at 3:30 am, why is this not possible?

  2. bluud


    cause there's no one to check the servers at that time, in case something fucked-up like yesterday happens :D
  3. TM1


    Apparently that's not a problem on the Nymex
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    It was supposed to be funny, don't you see the big grin
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    Sorry, I forgot my grin, I was being sarcastic towards the other markets:D
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    I'm usually up at 3:30, what do you want to trade? I've got some bottle caps, some leftover sushi, a couple of cases of Newcastle, and a broken Ipod that I'm dying to unload.
  8. 8000 plus stocks and how many futures????
  9. TM1


    After the farce of trading over the last two days it's obvious that the stock exchanges can't afford decent computers. May as well have been using a yahoo 15 minute delayed quote to trade, it's sad when they have to extend the close to catch up on all the trades. Really inspires confidence in the market's ability to respond to the next terrorist attack on the financials.