About 30,000 Show Up For Romney In PA

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    THE STANDS were packed, the bright lights were on and the crowd was chanting. It was a frigid Bucks County night in early November, but it wasn't a Council Rock-Pennsbury football game.

    It was Mitt Romney's final drive for the White House, his two-minute drill of a stump speech and a Hail Mary pass to win a state that hasn't gone for a Republican presidential candidate in nearly a quarter-century.

    And it was electric. Traffic clogged the main exit ramp off nearby Interstate 95. Some Romney fans on Twitter even dubbed the large and enthusiastic gathering "Mittstock."

    Estimates of the crowd at Lower Makefield's Shady Brook Farm ranged from 20,000 to 30,000 - similar to what then-president George W. Bush drew in a speech nearby during his 2004 campaign.

    Both Romney and President Obama have largely ignored the deep-blue Northeast this year, and many who came to Sunday's rally traveled from New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

    Laureen and Mark Vinicombe live in Ewing, N.J., and jumped at the chance to see Romney in person. They didn't expect to find so many people at the rally, which had been announced just two days earlier.

    "With this turnout, we think it's going to be a nice surprise on Tuesday," Laureen Vinicombe said of the former Massachusetts governor's chance of winning Pennsylvania.