Abortionists don't need Doctors license now

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. The bills allows for abortion to be performed by nurses, midwifes, and PAs who have had state certified training.

    Of course, if the right to lifers had long ago stopped hounding and murdering abortion doctors, there may not be a shortage of abortion doctors.
  2. I would draw a line here. I would not be certified for that.
  3. pspr


    I think they should provide coat hangers and 'do it yourself' instructions at abortion clinics for those who don't want to wait. I'm sure Obama would sign a law authorizing the federal government to pay for this.
  4. Lucrum


    No shit, stick to what you know. Enemas bed pans and dispensing aspirin.
  5. pspr


    But you are already a certified loon. Abortions can be messy though. All that blood and the wiggling little body that you have to make sure dies. You have to be pretty cold to do abortions for a living.