Abortion Survivor Calls Out Obama in New Ad

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  1. yeah, I saw her last night. Yikes.

  2. Will it? I'm not sure that this will convince anyone. People who are pro-choice will look further into the facts.

    There have been two documented cases like hers, and she was "aborted" using a method designed to induce contractions which isn't even used anymore -- at 7 1/2 months which is a profoundly late abortion.

    No one knows what the rationale was back then, probably to keep the mother from dying, but inducing contractions isn't really that horrible.

    As for the born alive act, if a baby is born and it's viable, doctors try to save it, so the law is ridiculous.

    With only two cases, and even then using a technique that isn't even used anymore, this is the legal equivalent of cotton candy -- these nonsense bills accomplish nothing and waste valuable time distracting from real economic and other issues.
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    I bet her birthday is an awkward day for her and her mother

    wonder if her mom chases her with a meat cleaver
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  5. I have seen several interviews that say differently.

    One I remember with a nurse said they simply took the child and held it until it died.

    I'm no abortion or anti abortion crusader but what I can say is if an abortion is botched and the child is denied healthcare it's pretty f'ing sick.

    My guess is that many people who see that commercial will feel the same way and he will lose votes because of it.

  6. If the baby died then it presumably was not viable.

    No viable child is denied healthcare.

    Well, perhaps, but I doubt it. People are pretty absolute in their beliefs on this issue one way or the other.

    Like I said, these made up issues to address .00000001% of the population 30 years after something happen detract from real debate.
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    Yeah me too
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    Damn, what the hell goes through your mind?
    That was pretty funny though.

    If I remember correct from the interview, she said she was adopted.
  9. With this particular girl, they tried to kill her at 71/2 months for 18 hours with a saline solution. Evidently, it burns you she said. She somehow survived that, and when she was born weighing 2 pounds, the abortionist was not on duty (she said he would have ended her life had he been there), so the nurse sent her to a hospital, where they put her in an incubator. She has cererbral palsy because of the abortion attempt.

    You can see a video of her story at the website.

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