Abortion and the Republicans debate

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  1. How is it OK to abort a fetus that is the result of a rape???

    Does the fetus know its mom was raped?

    Aren't innocent fetuses innocent, period?

    Why does it matter how the fetus (which will become a cute little baby) was conceived???

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    Every now and then a pro-lifer such as myself will throw a bone to abortionists on the whole facetious rape/incest issue. My truth. All abortions except those performed to save the life of the mother should be illegal.
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    If it was really an issue then GW would set up an adoption hotline and make sure that every fetus was saved. Americans are great about having strong opinions. But when it comes to true sacrifice most will take the second SUV every time.
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    Actually I believe an abortion should never be done even to save a woman's life. I know that may sound harsh but if I concede to you reasons in which a woman may have an abortion then you have every right to make the argument you just did.

    I know people on the left like to avoid the main problem here which is abortion is about personal accountability period. End of story. If you choose to have sex then you know what the possible outcomes could be. In fact a 10 year old girl even knows because most public and private schools tell them this at a very early age. So if you as a woman are making the choice to have sex, then you should be personally responsible for the outcome period. You don't say after the fact, hell's bell's margaret, how did I get pregnant? I think you know how you got pregnant. You may have been hoping for a different outcome but the fact of the matter is you got the outcome you didn't want.

    Now what as a society should we do about this. And where do we draw the line. OK, I shot a guy in the leg that I didn't like. I just wanted to hurt him and he bled to death and died. What does the liberal say, oh it was an accident, you didn't really mean to kill him. What about the drunk driver who kills a family of 4 while driving home from a party on a friday night. Well shit, he didn't mean to kill that family, he was drunk. Again the liberal says we need to help him, its not his fault. What about the dad who beats his wife and kids within an inch of their lives every night. He doesn't mean to do it, he just loves them so much he doesn't know how to express that love. I ask you where do you draw the line. when do you make people in this country accountable for their actions? When? This is what I am talking about.

    You say what do republicans do to stop this. They teach their kids responsibility. They teach their kids the consequences to sex. They teach their kids that if they have sex and the wrong outcome occurs, then they must face the fire. Think about it, if everyone had responsible sex we wouldn't even have this problem with all these unadopted children. Now you might say to me, well golly Mav, that will never happen. People will always have careless and unsafe sex. Well you know what, there will always be drunk driving deaths too, and their will always be murders in the streets, and there will be husbands and fathers that beat their wives and kids. And yes, our society will make them responsible for their actions too. Stop throwing all your mistakes on the government. That is not what government is here for. To clean up after you. You need to clean up after yourself.

    Now I could go on and on about the morality of abortion but that is an even longer discussion. If you feel the only way to argue and defend your murder is to pinpoint the exact nanosecond that a fetus becomes a living breathing organism then I truly feel sorry for you. That's a sad straw to grasp. I truly feel sorry for you and your family. These children that are killed are brought into this world by the miracle of life. And life is what they want. Who are you to say it was a mistake. And since you made a mistake you want to kill that child inside the woman's body. That's a really nice way to clean up your mess isn't it? I guess the next time I don't get along with my neighbor I will just shoot him. And when the police come over and ask me why I did it, I'll just say officer, don't worry, he was already braindead. LOL!!!!!!
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    Unless you are a female,
    you have absolutely no right to comment on abortion.

  7. Thats B.S. Like sayin' you white folk can't make laws 'bout crack cocaine. WTF, pretty soon everybody gonna have there own personal justice system.
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    I am for abortion. Women got that right back in the '60s.

    How would you like it if a group of old women decided if you were to be castrated or not. Hmm.....should we take one ball or two?

    My body, my choice.

    Any talk about taking my rights away pisses me off.


    PS....I am way beyond childbearing years.
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  10. Amen.
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