Abortion and the Democrats debate

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    I would propose an adoption campaign led by George W. Seriously, being against abortion and adopting a child are not even close. Right now there are 100,0000 adoptable children in the country. There are another 400,000 in the foster care system. This would of course include some of the 50,000 plus that are abandoned each year after delivery.

    And if we look worldwide there are about 20,000 that die each day of malnutrition. And another 20,000 that die from what should be otherwise preventable diseases. Oh and let's not forget the 10,000,000 or so that are forced into slavery. Some in the good old USA.

    And what to we get at the end of the year in this country where life is ohh sooo precious. 50,000 adoptions.
  3. what are you talking about???

    PS that article is moronic, at best...

    from the article - "Why does a foetus blink when we assume it's dark inside the uterus?"

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    Bung, like most liberals you have a very tough time answering direct questions. That is why you seldom seem them on Fox news. But back to my question. Which of your 9 candidates support federal funded abortions. Listen to the question very carefully. I am not asking which ones support a woman's right to choose but rather which ones want to use your and mine tax dollars to kill innocent children. Can you answer that for me?

    You know the hypocrisy in the democratic party is so telling. They yell and scream and protest over the fact that 3,000 Iraqi's were killed during the war, yet 1.2 million innocent children were killed last year by abortions and democrats had no problem with that. That doesn't seem to bother your party. That's some 20 to 30 million children over the last 2 decades and this doesn't bother you? Yet the murder of 3,000 Iraqi's in a time of war and suddenly you guys want to impeach the President? What am I missing here? How can you defend this? And to add injury to insult you want me to be an accomplice in this genocide by using my taxes to pay for it. Scary, really scary. But I digress. Please just answer my original question if you know the answer. Thank you.
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    Wonder if the 1000's of adopted children or those children that survived an abortion would share your views?
  6. uhh, i'm going to ignore the personal attack...

    1)i'm not sure how tax revenue ever goes to pay for an abortion. last time i checked, they weren't free.

    2)first trimester abortions do not abort people. a fetus is not a living person. sorry. i know it's hard to confuse this issue, and i know that everyone loves cute little babies, but a fetus is not a baby.

    do you support life support of brain dead people?? answer this. a fetus is brain dead and thus not alive.

    3)again, how has any tax money in the US ever gone to pay for abortions???

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    And this is what is typical of the Right Winger does. Call names Liberal Blah Blah, the liberals Blah Blah. The solution is?? Dittos Rush. Yeah dittos are much easier than adopting a child. You don't like the 1.2 then start adopting. It is that simple take action.

    Lets see what the right has done to stop abortion shall we.

    Its a Child not a Choice Bumper Stickers. Nice OK.

    harassing workers and patients at planned parenthood. OK

    Pictures of Fetuses. OK

    Lots of TV and Radio rhetoric OK.

    Keep sex education out of the classroom. OK.

    But once you're born screw it we did our part. Be glad your here.

    Half of the people on welfare in this country are kids. But the Right Wing doesn't want to its taxes to feed kids. OK.

    The Churches and Private organizations should look out for the children. Fine, have they NO. 100,000 adoptable children remember. 400,000 in foster care remember. The catholic church is too busy paying out donations for it's teabagging priests to do any real community work.

    20,000 children die of malnutrition each day, but my tax dollars are used to pay Big Business Farmers like Archer Daniels to run farmers in poor countries out of business.

    20,000 children die each day because they cant get proper medication. But for that matter neither can many of our citizens. But the Right Wing Doesn't care about that. They don't have a problem with it. My tax dollars are protecting big pharma.

    We have poisoned 100s of thousands of acres of South America Agriculture in our faux war on drugs. Many children are now sick and dying. Oh that is funded by my tax dollars.

    If you care about the kids I will say it again. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE ACTION. ADOPT A CHILD. BE A FOSTER PARENT. VOLUNTEER AT A SHELTER. Anyone can say people need to be more responsible. It takes real character to be responsible for others actions.

    The average age of an adoptable child in this country is 8. Minority, Handicap. Forget about it no one wants you. Not even the life is so precious Right.

    Actions speak sooooooooooo much louder than all the right wing rhetoric out there.
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  9. Maverick,

    Answer MY direct question---

    ARE YOU in favor of keeping adults who are brain dead on indefinite life-support???

  10. Yoo-hoo!

    Where are you???

    Time to answer.

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