Abolish The IRS! Please Join A Movement To Do This!

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  1. I know I'm being hopeful, but we really don't need the IRS or the income tax. I'm sick of taxes. I'm not rich, but I can see myself doing a lot more economic stimulus with what I was forced to pay to the government.

    People, set aside your politics and let's get rid of this beast. I know some of you want government programs, but we can do this better through some kind of other tax.

    Democrats. Republicans. Independents. Please, for the love of god, let's embrace freedom and end the IRS!

    Google "Campaign for Liberty", find those tax protests, and go protest. We need more people on this boat.
  2. Oh shaddup already. Move to the 3rd world if you don't like taxes.
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    At least the guy is willing to do something about it instead of being a sheep... Better to have tried and failed then done nothing. But if I understand you correctly you are suggesting to do nothing.

    I agree with the guy, we don't need the IRS. We can do much better with a small flat tax and getting rid of all the pork and people on the government payroll.

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    The IRS wont get abolished until the system collapses and the status quo ends.
  5. are you an idiot, the US has negative cash flow of about 500 billion / year. How can we afford this?
  6. http://www.drudgereport.com/flashtx.htm

    Taxation is fine when it's done the proper way. Othewise, move to a state that believes in the Constitution, Capitalism and raises taxes the right way. There is no state tax in TEXAS but yet the State's Economy is strong.

    Fuck the FED GOV and FUCK THE IRS but you still gota pay to play the game of Capitlaism. Just choose your dose ...FED & STATE TAXES or FED & NO STATE TAX....
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    The equivalent of 14% of tax receipts is spent complying with the current tax code. Don't you think this could be spent else where?

    Don't forget that a lot of that negative cash flow is created by government waste and subsidies to foreign nations.

    The only thing thats idiotic is to keep the raising taxes without trying to lower gov't expenditures. You eventually reach a point where an extra unit of productivity is not worth it due to the weight of tax, you reach a point of diminishing returns.

  8. 14%, I read as much as 33% but I could be wrong
  9. I don't mind paying income tax insofar as it's applied equally across the economic spectrum. As it stands currently, the rich pays LESS than the poor on a percentage basis. Plus, there's a hell of a lot more tax loopholes for the wealthy that is off-limits to the poor. Hence on a nominal term, the poor are divvying up more taxes than the rich when such things as inflation and wages are factored in.

    So quit your crying. If we abolish income tax altogether, it will only widen the rich-poor gap.
  10. Doing 'something' is NOT always the best course. Sometimes, if fact , many times, things are the way they 'are' because that is the way they should be. Do you think the current income tax system popped up out of nowhere !?!?

    The absolute BEST income tax system encapsulates exactly what the US has: 1) a progressive tax system and, 2) a system that taxes WAGES at the source. It is fair and relatively cheap.

    If you want to complain about our tax system, complain about (1) loopholes and (2) cheaters. In the relm of cheaters: if you patronize an establishment that does NOT take charge cards you can be pretty sure that they are hiding income. They are stealing from you & me.
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