Abolish inheritance

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  1. -Everyone starts from the same level...
    - It would ensure for many taxes to be cut
    - You can't take it to the grave so the spending would stimulate the economy.


    What's not to like?:)
  2. Nobody will work hard to build their wealth. The money system will come to an end.
  3. Are you saying the only reason people want to become rich is so they can pas it on to their children?

    I thought people wanted to become rich so they could get hot chicks and drive sweet cars.
  4. Only losers like you would think like that, i build wealth so my bloodline will not have to work in the future.
  5. Why would you want that?

    So they can became ignorant lazy stuck up rich kids who have no idea about the real values in life other than spending money they didnt earn themselves?
  6. They would never see a court room. There is a difference. Think about it. :cool:
  7. 99% people want family and children that is the reason world population is 7 billion. Only 1% people want hot chicks.
  8. 1. What's to stop me from selling my $billion fortune to my kids for say, 10% of its real value?

    2. If I'm 50 years old & know that whatever I work for will probably go to the state when I die, fuck, I might as well relax on the beach & retire!

    3. This "proposition would never work. It's just as bad if not worse than communism.
  9. Big corporations have become stronger and smarter and Govt cannot monitor their day-to-day illegal & immoral activities.
    Govt cannot punish big corporations because they can topple them with their connections, money and other intimidating resources.
    Govt can only compromise with big corporations.
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