Abnormal psychology and trading: Aspergers ADHD Schizophrenia

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Are you insane?

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  1. mokwit


    Intelligence is usually unimpaired. Aspergers and ADD are above average, although Math ability in Asperger is often impaaired so they have problems with those GMAT questions about trains leaving the station at different times and speeds and water running into baths etc.
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  2. Just read a book about a guy with Aspergers that could see numbers and multiply numbers up to 23 digits in a his head and give you an answer in 2 seconds. He also went to Iceland and learned the language in a week.... I think the most common trait in mediocre people is that they can't face that truth, and especially not when they are compared to someone who is disadvantaged or disabled.


    What is going to happen when he starts developing trading algorithms?
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  3. Sadly, someone will exploit this if they're able.
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  4. promagma


    Wow, interesting poll. Abnormal psychology is the highlight of my life. I say that I got into trading because things perceived as "difficult" don't seem any harder to me than things that people perceive as "easy". So I can either work at something rewarding or struggle to be a mindless drone. I think I have bugs in my brain.

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  5. Why do I get the feeling that some people here may be reveling in their perceived disorders? Acceptance is one thing. But revelry?
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