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  1. Anyone here trade prop for ABN Amro? I'm hearing they offer competitive deals - plus that name gives a lot more confidence than the Assents/Schonfelds/Hold Bros. of the industry.

  2. Hi All,

    Were they not going to come out with an internet trading system, including API? Does anybody have some recent information on this?

  3. we use to use ABN AMRO as a prime broker. however, being a small fish, they did not treat us very well so we left.


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    who's your prime broker now?

  5. bear sterns via tradestation institutional.


  6. Merril just bought ABN's pro brokerage... also the pro brokerage arm is called ABN Sage i belive...
  7. So this means that you'd now be trading under Merrill? Does this mean they'll jack the fees?

    Also is the ABN/Sage relationship similar to a Sungard/Assent type deal, where you think that your prop firm is backed by a legit company when really the 2 entities are separate? Or is/was Sage wholly owned and backed by ABN Amro?

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    When I had realtick I got constant daily messages that "sage opt" was unavailable.Was this related to the sage you are discusing?
  9. im not sure about any of it. All i know is th whole merril deal will take awhile, and it sounded liek there would be no changes. The firm i trade for clears through ABN, and i use there execution platform, but thats the extent of it.
    maye there site will give you a few answers???? www.aasage.com
  10. I didn't think ABM was still in the trading game....banks don't like that......:confused:
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