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    Hi Friends,

    Is anyone using Abletrend software here ? ( I subscribed to their one month trial. Its designed to work with Esignal. I have got a problem here. The software gets connected to Esignal but real time updation of charts doesnt happen for smaller timeframe charts.

    If I load 60 min charts, it updates perfectly in real time. But 5min, 3min charts dont update.

    I would like to have comments on this from someone who is already using this software or knows this subject. I am not able to figure out the problem. Even Ablesys people say that its a strange problem and they dont have a solution.

    Please help me out
  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal


    Under your current eSignal subscription, if you have access to the eSignal application, do you have the same issue with lower interval charts w/in eSignal?

  3. yroyal


    Scott, I am subscribed to just the Esignal data feed for Indian markets. I am using the data feed with Ninjatrader software without any difficulty.

    I am able to make charts of all Intervals with ninjatrader. I am facing this problem with Abletrend only.

    Actually its a very strange issue. If 60min charts can update real time then why not lower intervals ?

    Looks like there is some technical issue. Scott, I would be grateful if you do some furthur research in this matter and tell me where the problem lies.

    thanks for your reply...
  4. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    From your description, it sounds like the issue is application-specific and needs to be addressed by AbleSys. If Ablesys is unable to figure it out, they can contact our Developer Support group for assistance in troubleshooting their code.

  5. yroyal


    Scott, the Ablesys technical team asked for my Esignal username and password to test it there. I gave them the details.

    After testing, they reported that its working very much fine there. They are based in U.S... According to them the problem can be country specific. I am based in India. They say that previously few of their clients in India had the same problem.

    But I am having no problems whatsoever with Esignal feed for my Ninjatrader software. Also I know many of my trader friends are using AdvancedGET here in India which is also an Esignal product and its working very much fine here.

    Please comment on this. And thanks for your suggestion Scott, I will report it to Ablesys people.
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    If you aren't running the most current version of eSignal (and that includes the most current eSignal API), please download and install that and see how that works:

    There were some subtle code changes in regards to "time-outs" that did seem to impact users farther from our data centers (both in the US). Those code changes were addressed in the latest 10.3. Your specific symptoms don't directly match but they are close enough to make testing the latest version worth a try.

  7. yroyal


    Scott, the link u game me doesnt have Esignal basic data manager. Please give me a link for downloading only the basic Esignal Data Manager ver 10.3... thanks
  8. yroyal


    Yes, you can only subscribe to the data feed for any exchange you trade. I trade the Indian markets for which the monthly fee is $87. You can contact the support dept and ask for your markets.

    Later you can connect that feed to any compatible software.
  9. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    As far as I'm aware, we currently only support the full download of eSignal. That download includes both the Data Manager and the eSignal application. Therefore, the link previously provided is the one to use.

  10. yroyal


    Please visit this link Scott

    Its for downloading only the data manager... but the version is old. How about uploading the latest version 10.3 here ? That will help...
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