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    a while ago someone asked for feedback on ablesys. has anybody tried using it for the e-mini or currency markets?

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    I've tried using it for the Forex market and it doesn't work that good.

    There are just too many dots on my screen that I could't tell what to do.

    I guess it works ok in a trending market, but when the market is choppy it gives false signals.

    I don't understand why ablesys can't just place a buy or sell on the charts instead of those colored dots.
  3. eASCTrend is competing with Wisetrade...those red and green lights ya know!


    That was dad who did investigate, not me.

    There was a website, and the guy was a broker who went into trading with client's money. He stopped trading after loosing a large of the client's funds. (He posted real trade details)

    I just looked and the website still seems to be there. It looks like he has resumed trading but if you look at the performance then you'll see that he was recently back to where he was two years ago. In addition it still confirms my dad's findings: big swings up and down. The previous remark was from a period prior to 2004.

    Just looked up dad's notes and it mentions that CB was "going to follow the signals to the letter" otherwise he would not have a stable system". Hmmm, perhaps he has started to add some discretionary information....


    PS I did do an edit but ElectricSavant was too fast for me....
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    thanks for the replys.
  6. This was my favorite part of the site:

    "If I seem unduly clear to you,
    you might have misunderstood
    what I said..."

    - Alan Greenspan

  7. Kewl...Father and daughter...Hi Maria :)

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    I'm not the original "Skeptical Trader". Some people have PM me about this, but I didn't even know that one existed.

    No affiliation to the "Skepticaltrader" at all.

    From the responses that I've gotten, it seems as though the "Skepticaltrader" lost a lot of money.
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    Getting back to the topic of this trend, Ablesys seems to have a good trading tool in eASCTrend, as witnessed by the many TASC awards they have been winning over the past several years. It certainly has a whole lot of interesting features that traders can use, and a cheap form of eSignal real time data.

    In 2001 I used their "Classic" version and liked it. Although I was relatively new to trading then, I made money with it, before I moved on to greener pastures, as usual. Now I've decided to start trading the eASCTrend 6.0 Deluxe+ version, hoping to make their Automatic Order Execution (AOE) feature work and wake up my IB account that's been sleeping lately.

    I'm still in the trial phase... We'll see :)
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    its been a few years since i tryed it. They showed me some performance that looked great and it honestly lost almost every trade. They tryed to adjust the system and tweak it, but it just kept losing. I had to stop after 2 months with it because i was down around 10-12k with it and it was starting to hurt my focus on my own was amazing to be down that much considering i only started trading with that software with a 15k account. Never even thought it was possible to lose that fast or call worse signals.
    A mentor of mine used to say even a broken clock is right twice a day, but that wasn't the case here.

    Hope this helps someone stay away from this stuff and learn to trade on your own through hard work and study.

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