‘Black Ops’ launch takes $360m in a day

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  1. "Activision Blizzard has set a record for a video game launch, saying that its Call of
    Duty: Black Ops title made $360m in North America and the UK alone in the 24 hrs
    after it went on sale this week."

    curious if anyone knows what it cost to produce Black Ops, or Call of Duty MW

    "On June 3, 2008, Infinity Ward reported that Call of Duty 4 had sold over 10 million
    units" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_of_Duty_4:_Modern_Warfare
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    I went to a buddies house on wednesday to have a couple beers, and he had bought the game, and at the bottom of the screen in the online mode it shows all these stats for certain things like:

    "All total 237 billion bullets have been shot so far"
    "35 million people have been killed so far"
    "10 million people have signed on so far"

    So here was the funny thing, we tried it out the second day after the release and the stat i saw at the bottom was

    "All total, Call of duty users have played call of duty black ops for 567 years"

    When i saw that at the bottom, it made me happy i dont own a play station. That means that all of the peoples playing time added together equals 567 years of total playing time since the game got released, just 2 days ago...... id hate to see that number a year from now, lol. :D

    Alot of wasted youth being spent playing a video game in my opinion.
  3. More like "adulthood". :eek: :(
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    It is still nuts, but I would guess it includes people all over the world in the total time played. A friend of one of my kids lives in England now and he has had the game for at least a week all ready. Not sure if that was normal for it to release early there, or if he grabbed a copy some other way.
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    Look at it this way, they could be out on the streets raising hell. Isn't it nicer to have them confined to their rooms???

    Anyhow, cost of MW2:


    The advertising campaign is much more than the programming cost....

    "Modern Warfare 2, according to Activision, had estimated sales of $550 million in the first five days, surpassing the former biggest game launch of all time, GTA IV, which sold $500 million. Modern Warfare 2′s huge sales numbers outpaced that of any five-day take of a blockbuster movie in recent memory, and was officially the largest entertainment launch in history.

    In addition, Modern Warfare 2 cost between $40 and $50 million to produce, and, according to the LA Times, “the launch budget was $200 million, on par with a summer popcorn movie — and extremely high for a video game.”

    Those figures add up to Modern Warfare 2 making a profit of roughly $300 million already with market analysts expecting it to sell between 15 and 20 million total copies for total sales figures numbering near $1 billion."