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  1. Any thoughts on ABK?

  2. I'm long going into expiry. Not sure why. LOL:D
  3. Hopefully your presence here implies that it will go bankrupt soon.
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    Too bad ABK and MBI will probably be bailed out by the Fed if there's even a chance they go bankrupt.
  5. You're the best Steelhead! Thank you for the heads up. That is exactly what I'm in the mood for right now.

    Yahoo! Finance message boards have an awful lot of crap but every once in awhile there is a real diamond shinning threw the bullshit. I guess we'll find out if it's true in 6 hours :D
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    waiting for a short squeeze if they and mbi announce buyback programs. will use that to short more. target is $0

  7. so far, so good:cool:
  8. Why would you consider going long a company that should be bankrupt?

    The best you can hope for is dilution.
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    whats your thought process there cnd?I think in the short-run these things could bounce real hard on buybacks but for the next year I dont see an argument from marty whitman being valid for these companies(industries go through depressions so this is no big deal, ackman knows nothing about insurance, short sellers are giving us opportunities), meanwhile hes holding 150-1 levered companies with no future growth that are acting like a glorified illiquid money market funds that are invested in structured finance and wont be able return the shareholders money for years or maybe decades and thats assuming there IS money to come back, the present value is even lower but I think its actually negative
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