ABK to AA rating LMFAO

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Time to face the music boys.

    Come on Gasparino.... give me one more bullshit spike.... please...
  2. ABK selling more shares!!!!!!

    Ain't it pretty. These greedy fucks thought they could get away with murder and get saved... reality time.
  3. It is so fucking bad that the banks won't touch it after weeks of negotiating, leaving them the only option of selling stock. WAKE UP PEOPLE, America is burning!!!
  4. so how much dilution of future earnings is going to happen with new stock for sale?
  5. capmac


    Shorts raped yesterday, now it's the longs getting the shaft...

    LOL !!

    Gotta luv this market

  6. So AMBAC & MBI are going to get downgraded for real?
    Bare with me, I'm not that well read on this stuff.
    Will that force municipalities to yank their investments in AMBAC/MBI, and invest in AAA stuff??
    If the bonds that cities and counties are invested in can't be marked to mkt, how can they be redeemed, and how can these govt. entities get any of their money back?
    Gets sticky, huh?
    I'd appreciate some explanations of this stuff.