ABK is still not done

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BigE, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. BigE


    I know I am going to be criticized by a number of people who don't like Ambac's business and think the company is worthless. First, I'd like to say that Ambac is a great long term investment and I'm sure many of you would agree. Investing money in Ambac is probably a smart move. Especially at this price!!

    What will happen in the near future? Good question! I think Ambac will come out and present part B of their plan to raise the other 1.5 billion capital and keep their AAA ratings. Either the banks will assist them in this "bailout" or a hedge fund will step in and inject capital into this corporation. I think that by Monday they should and WILL surprise investors and the rating agencies.. All I'm saying is that Ambac is not finished and it will come out and prove those doubers wrong!

    Also, I think that if the bond insurers get back on track, that will be the bottom of it all, and the market will finally pick up and please investors.
  2. You are absolutely correct in that ABK is not done...