Abk Halted!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by traderich, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. WTF!.....some 'person' speaking anonymously says a deal may be announced shortly so they HALT the freaking stock???? wtf is that!

    I wonder if I can call up some reporter and speak anonymously and get some stock to halt trading altogether.

    And, the spokesman from ABK have no comment either. WTF is that all about.

    It is fine to say that a news conference is scheduled at say 2 PM EST to announce something and halt the stock, but to have someone who won't even be named says something about a possible deal that is not finalized and may not be until next week HALT the stock trading is OBSURD!!!!

    This really pisses me off!

    anyways, I am stuck to my monitor now awaiting the news, if and when it comes during trading hours. I have a schittload of stock in ABK too right now that I just bought so I am hoping the news will be good, but now I am stuck to my PC to see how the market takes the news.

    a nice 2-3 point jump up would be nice.
  2. Mvic


    XLF and C selling off, think the news is out and its not good
  3. This is funny
  4. lwlee


    MBI is dropping. You might consider hedging by shorting MBI in case this thing is as bad as the market is indicating.
  5. Mvic


    too late should have hedge by going short C at 22.44 when I posted

  6. Rich, you still alive? :eek:
  7. I think he passed out.
  8. This crap is why I stopped trading individual stocks during the day. Too much manipulations and b.s.
  9. hey guys,

    yes I am alive. I missed the exact re-open, I sold off 95% at 10.00
    and the rest at 9.50. then shorted it
    hope to recover.
  10. how many shares to short is your broker making available?
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