ABK good value under $4???

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Uncle_Ho, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Hey I've been watchin this since before Charlie Gasparino told us that it was going to be bailed out at $10-$11. My question is if this stock is good value at these levels. $3.77 quote. Does anyone see this stock getting back to the double digit levels in the next year and a half? Any thoughts on this one, how much downside risk at this point?
  2. Did you look at the chart? Downside risk is 100%.
  3. ABK and MBIA are death traps. Proceed at your own risk. They're the kind of trades you can profit from if you're good at scalping or have inside information
  4. if i'm taking a long shot on these mortgage guys i'd rather go after a company like TMA who has actually been truthful. plus with TMA you're only risking about a buck a share. and obviously only do these trades with money you don't care about losing because the chance of failure is uber high.
  5. I just saw this post and brought up the TMA options. I understand the risk of bankruptcy is huge but who is buying some of these put options? Risking large amounts for the chance of a very small gain?