abiotic oil, oil is truly infinte

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  1. the earth produces it. The artifical price control of oil is about to end historic selloff below 10 is dollars.
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    But what if it takes 100,000 years to replentish a drained field?
  3. I could never believe just how dumb people where to believe the dead dinosaur theory.
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    energy will remain infinity. By the time oil runs out, we be mining the moon for Helium 3, mining coal, building underground nuclear plant, building huge solar panel in space, and so on. we have infinity alternative energy.

    Who know, 100 yrs from now, we be mining the sun!!
  5. This is truth, alot people has a vested inteste in keeping the whole work in the dark. Wake up , it is ok to know the truth. There is no place for name calling. When we judge others we are truly judging ourselves.