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  1. One feature I would love to see added is the ability to select individual posts to be saved in a favorites list. I sometimes come across gold nuggets I would like to revisit again in the future and it's currently tedious to have to bookmark the entire page in a thread. Does such feature already exist and if not would it make sense to put it into the queue? Example in case is the Gmail feature to choose individual emails to mark them to be added to the Starred folder.
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    Opening the "Share" link on the desired post in a new tab/window then bookmarking the new tab/window would let you save a link to the specific post.
  3. I don't see any share link or button at any post at all. Where is that? And bookmarking pages in a browser is by far not as useful and convenient as a dedicated favorites feature. Barron can even expand on that feature in the future by displaying the most popular posts.

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    The Share link is near the lower right corner of posts as in

    Saving/bookmarking share links for the desired individual posts could be used as a workaround before this type of feature is built into the website.
  5. No luck for me


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    That's strange. I see Share links in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and an old version of Firefox. Perhaps not having the Share link is a setting, cookie, or cache issue with your browser?
  7. Or do you need to link social media accounts with ET for the share link to show up? Asking because I don't have any social media accounts, not a single one.

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    I created my own 3 star ratings of message posts in my browser that I want to keep on my radar.

    I do it via "folders"...a 1 star folder, 2 star folder and 3 star folder under the folder "EliteTrader.com".

    I do the same for other social media that I use. Thus, I have a folder called Twitter Post Ratings, Stocktwits Post Ratings and TradingView Post Ratings. Post I don't like for whatever reason...never get linked to.

    The two main reasons why I do the above because even if Baron implements such in our profile so that we can do it "within" our profile...he still owns the content and if you're ever banned (but not deleted) for any particular reason or you change user name (you're old user name is closed)...you will not have access to all those links & star ratings you've saved.

    The other reason why I do the above is because my computer is "linked" to my laptops, android and iOs devices including linked to the app browser in my TV.

    Its an easy way to access my personal star rating links or any link I've saved/created in my browser...anytime on any device that I own. In addition, I can put the hierarchy in any order I want within each star rating (e.g. most recent, oldest, the best and older almost like a file system).

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    This will be available in the manner you described very soon. End of September at the latest.
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  10. Awesome, looking forward.

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