ABCD Trading Methology

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by DeGa, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. DeGa


    Has anyone tried the ABCD Trading Methology from the Logical Trader written by Mark Fischer?
  2. patoo


    If you mean the concept that the current price has to have moved x points away from the opening price in a specific time period before I would consider trading any trend.....

    Yes. and it works.
  3. WinSum


    It's called it ACD, not ABCD.
  4. omniscient

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  5. I like that, a method that can be described on one sheet of paper and does not need a 60 page book.
  6. Yeah.
    It certainly makes losing more pleasant.
  7. WinSum


    Late Day C Up on ES & NQ.

    Good probability of continuation with Gap Up tomorrow.
  8. jstox


    I saw this thread and ordered Fisher's book. Sounded interesting. Went ahead and programmed/optimized quite a bit of his stuff. Not impressed at all with the results, optimizations yielded zip.

    On some positive notes, the guy is entertaining, enjoyed the book. The narrow range pivot points definitely point to high volatility.

    Per attached, the orange is daily pivot and blue line is A, red is C. The blue and red dots were some custom SAR exits I was trying out. If anything it was an interesting project.

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  9. patoo


    Ruggiero's Opening range breakout, Fischer's ACD, what ever you want to call a concept not a strategy.

    Don't be so quick to dump the idea, 'cuz it works...and don't read more into the concept than it is.
  10. jstox



    Assume, the following exhaustive iterations were done;

    - Fixed Profit/Stop Levels
    - Trailing Stops
    - SAR exits
    - Threshold levels
    - Opening range timeframes
    - Rubberband bounces off the levels

    Sorry, best case is breakeven that I could achieve. What did I miss? Ya wanna be a little more specific other than "cuz it works"? Appreciate any feedback.

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