ABC’s Dan Abrams Predicts Acquittal In Zimmerman Trial

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  1. ABC’s Dan Abrams Predicts Acquittal In Zimmerman Trial

    ABC Chief Legal Affairs Anchor and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams told Good Morning America on Saturday that the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial had failed to make its case for convicting George Zimmerman beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the jury had little legal basis to anything but acquit.

    “The prosecution’s case is now in,” Abrams said. “They’ve presented all of their evidence. I do not see how the jury, as a legal matter, convicts of either second degree murder or manslaughter.”
  2. I wouldn't be surprised. I think the outcomes of his Federal civil rights case and civil trail will be different.
  3. pspr


    I don't think anyone sees this as anything other than an injustice against Zimmerman and an attempt to play to the lawlessness of the blacks who are racist, irrational and making terrorist threats free from the punishment you or I would suffer at the hands of Obama's government.

    There won't be a civil rights trial after he is acquitted. And, I seem to recall a Florida statute that protects those found innocent in a criminal trial from civil prosecution.
  4. achilles28


    Well said. I haven't read one trial report that named an eye witness to the initial physical confrontation. That's what it all comes down too. Who started the fight.

    The prosecutions case is all conjecture, innuendo, and blatant appeals to emotion.

    One of their final witnesses was the coroner, who testified he believed trayvon was alive for at least 1-10 minutes after being shot. Then, the prosecution showed grisly pictures of travyons corpse.

    Who gives a fuck? That's got zero relevance to anything.
  5. pspr


    That was just a play to get the mothers on the jury to have sympathy for Trayvon's suffering. Are they saying Zimmerman should have put a second bullet between Martin's eyes to stop his suffering? It's irrelevant and the judge should not have allowed the testimony in the record.

    The judge has been very pro-prosecution from the start. If she had any sense of honesty she would have dismissed the case with prejudice after the prosecution rested.
  6. jaygould


    If Zimmerman is acquitted, it is now officially legal in Florida to stalk someone, pick a fight with them, kill them if they fight back, and say you feared for your life.
    The other person is dead so they cannot present their side of the story. Your word against a corpse.
    Someone tell me where I'm wrong.
  7. As far as the evidence presented, Zimmerman didn't pick a fight with Trayvon. It was Trayvon who initiated the violence.
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    Yet, if it were a white thug shot, your interest wouldn't be peaked one iota. You liberals really are sick in the head.
  9. You're right but that doesn't equate to proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Thankfully there are very few people out there like little zimmy stalking the streets. Like I said from the beginning this will probably fall to a civil trial where it will be much easier for the Martin family to win a financial judgment. And all those 20 dollar bills the big swinging dicks here on ET have donated will go to the Martin family.
  10. You are wrong in totally failing to understand the law. The bottom line in this trial is who initiated the physical confrontation. The prosecutor will need to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Trayvon did not assault Zimmerman - something the prosecution has completely failed to do.

    Everyone has the right to walk on public property to ask someone else what they are doing in your neighborhood. If Zimmerman is convicted that means you no longer have the right to walk on public property and ask someone what they are doing in your neighborhood.
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