ABC outs CIA contractors

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  1. yes, let us not forget valerie plame.
  2. Once again your lack of intelligence and reading comprehension is absolutely mind-boggling . . . Plame was a direct employee of the CIA. These psychologists were sub-contractors.

  3. When the current Vice President and his Chief of Staff are leaking the names of CIA officers who are under Non-Official Cover to the New York Times..Let me know. Until then your boys Tumbler and Angler should die a painful and slow death for their treason.

  4. Well considering the Plame leak came for Colin Powell's office, it certainly appears you have no idea what you are talking about. What else is new?
  5. Hey Landis do you care to correct anyone's spelling today?
  6. I guess Obama will be out with a speech saying outing these two guys will make us safer.

    Anyone who does covert ops must know they have a sword hanging over their head. Their identity can be exposed, and they will have to live the rest of their life worrying about some terrorist killing them and their family.

    You really have to wonder where we are as a country when people who worked with the government to protect us from terrorism are treated by the new administration as war criminals.
  7. The road to recovery is my guess.
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    I still can't believe that Plame shit. She was a direct employee of the CIA, she drove to a frigging building used by the CIA every day and put in a workday, five days a week and she was outed? That story is right up there with the Dan Rather scandal story.

    Where is ole Dan nowadays.. hmm, mental hospital for exhausted Liberals or some such maybe..
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    Heck yes, the economy is doing so great and all.. Marxism really works, oh wait...
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