ABC news is running an occasional "fact check" on the health care bill

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  1. watched it, and it was all about defending the bill and showing how those that oppose it are "confused" about the bill.

    the real question is, is ABC on the white house payroll?
  2. Insane or Inane, your choice.

    Hospice care counseling is important for anyone facing end of life illness. Medicare will now pay for such planning and knowledge, more power to the patient, not to the bureaucrats in the insurance companies.

    The truth will set you free.
  3. If it's so great then why aren't the politicians participating themselves?

  4. If what is so great? There is nothing yet. No plan, No senate bill, no law, no effect on you whatsoever.

    There is only right-wing media bluster at this point. And to watch the rabble lose their minds over nothing is truly beyond all comprehension.

  5. Is ABC right wing? :confused:

    I don't get it?

    They are the ones saying what is in and not in the bill, you say their is no bill.

    Either ABC are idiots, you're and idiot or both.
  6. My post was meant for Wensick above.

  7. maxpi


    There are several bills, all in the House I think, some have not been revealed yet... the real stuff is in what Obama said before assuming the station of Most Revered Master... he definitely said that with his health care ideas private health care would be eliminated...

    He just has to reward those black inner city reservation dwellers that are so incredibly loyal to the Democrats.. he wants to bring your health care down and theirs up, he doesn't care where it winds up, if it's shitty health care after all is said and done, but it's better for Ghetto folk, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED... Democrats are dead in the water, forgotten, abandoned, off the cruise ship, history, etc... if they don't get most of that Black vote.. they will throw Trillions at them and throw whitey's grandmother under the bus too if it keeps them in power...
  8. This is what happens to whitey when he lives next door to gang bangers and illegals for too long.

    I told you to move years ago max. Now look at you. Hopeless.

  9. He's given more to the whites folks at Goldman Sachs,Citi Bank, Aig etc
  10. And there are no blacks at those racist pig
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