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    Since "spamming et" is a *huge* part of my business, I figured I'd get the word out here first: Be sure to watch ABC News 20/20 on the 19th.
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    Hey Zones, remember, I NEED to keep spamming ET..or I'll go broke:

    be sure to watch 20/20 friday night.

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    Here are a few other things too.

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  4. windspire?
  5. Eight


    Am I mixed up or doesn't Brandon quit ET every so often?
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    part of a master marketing campain of course.
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    Brandon, with due respect any one who goes to such efforts to talk themselves up is usually full of crap. Or heading for a brick wall.

    I think I remember you were a pro trader, you managed money, you were a teacher/mentor, you were going to work for Microsoft, now you are burning up the Internet marketing world.

    I may be way off base, but you exhibit all of the characteristics of a habitual liar.

    If I am wrong, then congratulations on doing so well. But seriously, haven't you said you were leaving ET several times before? Why come back just to talk yourself up? Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and stay true to your word.
  8. Brandonf

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    I was never going to go work for Microsoft, I was going to go work for a guy who had been one of the orginal employees at Microsoft who now owns and infoproduct company. Then I ended up on the hospital with MRSA and Strep again.

    In any case you can also get ahold of the people I mentioned here and ask them for yourself what they think of me and make sure I'm not misusing their testimonials if you wish.
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    It appears you missed the point.
  10. I'm meeting with Obama tomorrow to discuss the privatization of Social Security via the purchase of deep OTM puts. Nick Taleb will play bad-cop. Wish me luck.

    I am going to DVR 20/20 tomorrow... please tell me I'm not going to see any open wounds on the show.
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