ABC Indicators from NEXGEN software?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by wesmantooth, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Anyone used this software and had good/bad results??:confused:
  2. fc1486


    I bought it in Oct'09 and I have never had buyers remorse. It isn't easy to master but I have not seen a better trading method. I've seen equal, but not better. I go to webinars every week to see what's out there. I have seen many, many methods that work. It all boils down to the individual. Most Nexgen clients struggle. I've talked to people who have struggled for over 5 years and can't make it work. But those who do, make a ton of money. A friend of mine is making 40 tics per hour but he trades a different strategy than what Nexgen teaches while using thier software. I will always be thankful that I found Nexgen before I went any further as a trader. I was ready to self destruct. They set me straight. Sadly, their teaching has gone down hill lately. I wish it weren't so.
  3. Mvector


    If you want a heavy price action based system try first - a lot cheaper than nexgen insane pricing - kwikpop has good interaction in their forums and good training videos to help you along.

    I trade using order flow and I don't use hardly any indicators at all - I like for those who need to start somewhere. my-02
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    I saw a couple of webinars by Kwikpop and I didn't like that system compared to Nexgen. The visuals of with Nexgen were better for me. The market moves were a clearer picture than other indicators I've seen. But, I havn't seen it all. Price is not an issue. Nexgen was the best system I found after 2 years of watching webinars and studying Technical Analysis. Compare the price to the start up capital required for other businesses. Traders can go in to business very cheaply and still have the best tools available. I know a couple of guys using Nexgen that make around 200 tics per day. I havn't kept up with kwik pop; maybe they are doing that well too.