ABC and Swap

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  1. i'll watch
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    I don't recall, but I believe that Britain has the highest or in the top three divorce rates in the world.

  3. Aha!
  4. I told you not to tell me that...
  5. ABC's pretty desperate these days for anything that'll get any ratings - they've managed to fall to 4th place overall behind NBC, CBS, and FOX

    Only reason UPN and WB aren't ahead of them is the list of stations in those two nets is still too low to stack up enough total viewers.
  6. Most new shows are offshoots of successful shows. How about a version of Swap that the husband is replaced by 5 gay guys? The husband gets to work for a month at a Strip Club or Hooters.
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    or maybe we can swap me for a rich mo-fuck for ever....and ill write the show about my experiences....