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    still bullish...... what else is new!!!!

    1550 prediction on the S&P by end of 2007, they have the lowest estimate for earnings this year coming in around 6% and still put 1550 on the S&P..

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    To quote something I read this morning

    "The market is marketing. Don’t ever forget it".
  3. "We continue to see a lot of value out there" lol :D
  4. Multiples expansion would lead us there even EPS growth is single digit on S&P.

    I don't buck the GS trend...:D
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    hahaha, what a fool, that year they ended under 1350, just to let her feel like a fool this year I hope they end under 1350 again!!!!
  6. For the 10,000 time, AJC is a MARKETING strategist for Goldman, and not a market strategist.

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    some guy on cnbc said that next week is window dressing week and would not be surprised to see the dow rally back to new highs.
  8. Give her credit.

    It's only taken 7 years to get to 1460.

    She may just get that 1560 she originally called for by 2009.

    Because "We continue to see a lot of value out there." :D
  9. Stop watching CNBC. Throw out the TV.
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