Abby joseph cohen at it again---

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  1. Goldman Sachs’ Abby Joseph Cohen chief U.S. portfolio strategist continues to forecast a Dow return of 11% by year-end. Sees the Dow at 14,750 by year-end

    Says at current interest rates, the stock market looks exceptionally cheap, but they expect that interest rates could come down lower... they are estimating that rates could be lower possibly by next week. Says this market has been whipped by volatility. It's 10-15 percentage points above normal. Also says the industries she would look to be in are health care and consumer staples, and to avoid financial services and technology until later in 2008.
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    great advice from ajc....a better call would have been to say to stay out or short markets after oct 2007 til the mortgage mess is done with....much more simple and less costly to clients....shes a 90s has been ...but arent they all...i ignore these market mavens and their predictions...
  3. That annoying lezzie why is she still at Goldman and not retired ?
    Funny how she always makes more noise around the top, she virtually disappeared in 2003. Just go away and stay there Abby
  4. Anyone know if Elaine Garzarelli is still predicting "a great 2008"?

    She was as of Dec 7.
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    you took the words straight out of my mouth....another 90s maven....analysts lost all credibility when the sandy weil/jack grubman/henry blodget fiasco came to light....I ignore these scumbags whenever they yap...
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    Believing Abbey and "its all up from here" is what nailed me back in 2000

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that grumbles when she comes around.

    (maybe thats where Stock Trad3r has been get his ideas)
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    hahah 14750.................

    maybe by 2010