Abby J Cohen thinks overall market is undervalued

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  1. Listen to this women and you will soon be broke.
  2. her sorry butt may get fired before the third quarter is over.
  3. What a useless old cunt.

    And her "employers" are a bunch of crooks.

    What morons listen to their garbage, anyway?
  4. S2007S


    Markets can jump another 150% in the next 8 months and she would still scream that the markets are undervalued. She also thinks the recession is over.....hahaha, now that one is funny. Recessions I guess only last a few days and bull markets, forever.
  5. Most unfortunately. Same ppl. that believe buy and hold work great. Sure it work if you happen to buy and hold off the March 09 low and sold recently.

    Has anyone noticed that channels like CNBC reverse engineer the news most often. A fact comes up and then they try to explain it after the fact. The don't know dick! Maybe Erin Burnett does ! :D
    I have seen some of the funniest explanations for things. Recently ppl have tried to explain why the markets are very volatile. Hello, everything is USD correlated, positive or negative. When the EU crisis started it made the USD rock and roll. Drop in 6E drop in stock market since its negative to USD, generally speaking. But no, its because of this or that. Then the same dolts cheer the stock market rising but overlook the decline in purchasing power.
  6. The words "recession", "top", "overvalued" and "bear market" are never in her vocabulary.
  7. Beware when they trot "Abbey" out for a prognostication. It is pick-pocket time.
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    I'm going to train a parrot to constantly say "Buy!" and then sell it to Goldman.
  9. you guys can say all the negative biased sh!t you want, she's laughing all the way to her many multimillion dolar bank accounts while you're trying to figure out why you got stopped out on your odd lots.
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