“Banker” Totally Punks Occupy Wall Street

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. “Banker” James O’Keefe Gets In On the Fun – Totally Punks Occupy Wall Street
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 10:55 AM

    It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!

    “Banker” James O’Keefe made an appearance at Camp Crazy yesterday in New York City. The anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street protesters had the nerve to ask James for investiment capital. They wanted funding for the “Constitutional World Federation” they are planning.

    Another protester goes into detail about how Almagamated Bank is funding the Occupy Wall Street anti-banker protests. They’re all for capitalism, but only if it benefits them.

    James O’Keefe scores another win against the hypocritical left.
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  2. That is so good. Only in New York.
  3. pspr


    Looks like he was in the center of the high IQ crowd. Those protesters have big, big ideas to make money. But not capitalism. No no sir. :D
  4. JamesL


    seems more like O'Keefe was getting punk'd
  5. Thanks for the vid. Those folks will be long gone by the first snowstorm. They seem to forget the Northeast and MidWest has some weather for ya after December!
  6. Companies should set up tents and turn the park into a "Job fair".

    Start simple, maybe interview people and pay them to do testimonials on sleeping bags, porta potties, gummy bears.

    What did one blackberry say to the other blackberry. Nothing....Ahahahahaha :D :D :D
  7. Stupid, greedy people voting... isn't that how we got Odumbo?

    :mad: :mad:
  8. JamesL


    Let's see how the next few days play out. Supposed to get a few inches ( :eek: ) of rain the next few days, and autumn rain in NYC is no picnic either. Maybe it will thin out and say they were just following Rendell's advice.
  9. I just keep thinking about whether these OWT people would have been in Grant Park after the first week of Feb last year. We got Thundersnow here in Illinois. It made national news. I think these kids are out having a good time and nothing more. When the shit hits the fan, which will be in about two months, lets see who is still occupying Wall Street or Chicago:D