Abandon market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by brokenmarkets, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. there is no need for traders if there are no investors in this market...nobody buys or sells.

    there is no real investors in the open market...all daytraders and traders. and trading robots trading with each other.

    abandon market and shut down the exchange. the open market is like before so many dark pools ECN it not real market anymore.

    even playboy is going private..not worth spending $500,000 /year to be public company if there is only one retail investor.
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    OP: Please find a better use of your time and this website's resources. How many of these pathetic threads are you going to launch?
  3. this is message board at least i post..most of the people have already abandon this website. too nobody post here..this website is graveyard. you don't contribute any postings do you?

    there is the ignore button moron!

  4. You are a completely deranged moron. Fold up your tent and go home!