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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tosco, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. tosco


    Anyone tyrading with AB Watley? Feedback would be appreciated.
  2. gaj


    i used to be with them.

    there are some threads on here about watley; i'd suggest reading those.

    also, go to the yahoo msg board for any listed stock, and then change the symbol from that stock to ABWGE.

    it was delisted from nas, and they haven't filed their financials (to the best of my knowledge) for a while.

    that should give you lots and lots of information...
  3. tosco


    Thanks for the reply--and the thread leads. Do you mind telling me why you left them--or is it obvious?
  4. jester

    jester Guest

    I had a friend a while ago trade their, he seemed happy but it was quit a while ago last time we spoke..sorry not much help.

  5. I heard PENSON bought the AB Software and has been hawking it to their correspondents
  6. gaj


    tosco - i *should* have left much earlier than i did. what made me leave? all of the following:

    - having to check on available shorts on a daily basis...not terrible, but giving them in at 8 in the moring and sometimes not finding out til 945 am was.
    - crashing of their trading platforms.
    - technical staff that didn't know what a traceroute was, and kept insisting the problem was with my "ISP". (i've done sysadmin work in my pre-trading life).
    - staff members that promised they'd get back to me, and didn't - repeatedly.
    - a sense that the company was losing people fast; i was a sysadmin, and watched what happened when bridge lost people. all the signs were there, and i didn't want to lose my trading life while the company was in freefall.
    - oh, the final thing was moving from an RT platform to their in-house platform, which was ugh!

    there were a few good people there, but they were dramatically overworked / understaffed.

    since then, there's lots of 'worse' news on the YHOO message boards, which seems to check out. i talked with a partner of theirs recently, who knows of the numerous problems at the company and rolled his eyes when i said i used to be there.

    they offered me a cheap rate to come back to them. i refused.
  7. tosco


    Thanks for the info,gaj--much appreciated!
  8. speedy


    stay away from ab watley.
  9. tosco


    Thanks,speedy. If you have the time--why do you say "Stay away"--personal experience?
  10. Sashe


    AB Watley LLC screwed their tradersbig time last year in May and "froze" their capital. I lost over 25K and only got back 20% by their settlement. I dont think I'll get back any more but keep hoping, man.
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