AB-InBev To Raise Beer Prices Across U.S.

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  1. Get ready for a price hike on your favorite beer. The Wall Street Journal reports that AB-InBev is planning to raise prices this fall on most of its products across the majority of the United States. Prices for Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch and the rest of St. Louis's favorite beers from AB InBev will likely be going up again soon. An AB InBev spokesperson confirmed for Fox 2, there are plans for another price hike this fall. Miller-Coors is also expected to raise prices.


    Inflation :p
  2. That will not affect anybody here because everybody drinks imports and micro-brews, not monkey piss. :cool:
  3. Great, they should increase prices several hundred percent.
  4. I can take the multi-trillion dollar bailout, I can take the socialism of America and I can take the Cuban health care model...but now this? Higher domestic beer prices?!?!

    A man can only take so much.
  5. JB3


    My thoughts exactly. Maybe this will drive up the imports selection which is always good news.
  6. ahhhh . . . some of the most memorable hangovers of my life.

    Scrap Bar - Bud on tap could put you down for a week . . .

    To be young again just for a night . LOL
  7. in this case, i wouldn't point to inflation as much as i would point to the results of a consolidating market. less competitors = less pricing tension. hopefully some of the smaller brewers take the opportunity to grab share by keeping their prices the same (or lowering them).
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    there goes those $1 draft specials :(