•Australia Facing `Full Brunt' of Global Recession as Exports, Lending Drop

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  1. Australia's commodity exports are directly correlated with China's GDP growth. Once Australia goes down the tubes that will be a relatively reliable indicator of China's true health, rather than the propaganda being fabricated in the Beijing ministry offices.
  2. Half true. They correlate with China's imports - and while China continues to stockpile Australia sits in the sun, ignorant to what's around the corner.
  3. Hi Dudes,

    Yeah, we still need the red dragon to buy the rocks we dig up: coal and iron ore.

    Still, we are holding up okay relative to other parts of the world.

    The China domestic stimulus is overplayed IMO. They still face capacity
    constraints associated with getting the funds moving. Projects have to be drafted and implemented before the money circulates
    otherwise the funds sit idle and don't contribute to economic activity. The export gap is also tough to fill with the US consumer maxed out.

    For an insightful article on Bejing strategy affecting US funds, the US dollar and commodities check out the
    Golden Jackass.