Aaron's Christmas wish list

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Aaron, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Aaron


    I would like...

    Interactive Brokers to have a lower commission rate for high volume futures traders.

    Tradestation to offer direct access to the European exchanges and to actually live up to the 20 years of intraday futures data they have been advertising for a year.

    eSignal to provide continuous contract futures for European exchanges and to lose the $3 monthly "administrative" charge for exchange data.

    FfastFill to come out with a robust and user-friendly API by the end of the month (as promised).

    Advanced Futures to publish their commission rate for contracts other than e-mini's.

    Patsystems to not charge for testing their API and to lose the per contract charge.

    Trading Technologies to make available some sample X-trader API program snippets and to provide a demo brokerage account for free API testing.

    Tradebolt to lose the per contract charge and just charge a flat fee.

    Strategy Runner to reduce their exorbitant fees.

    Tickdata to include the whole electronic session in their data.

    C.I.S. and DiskTrading data to provide a program for creating back-adjusted continuous contracts.

    the CME to list the large S&P and Nasdaq contracts electronically.

    the CME and CBOT to stop whining about Eurex US and to lower their fees already.

    the SEC to get rid of that silly 25 basis point (or whatever it is) tax on equity sales.

    the NYSE to go electronic.

    Aaron's choice awards:

    real time data provider: eSignal
    historical data provider: Tickdata
    futures broker: FfastFill
    stock broker: Interactive Brokers
    forex broker: GFT
    backtesting software: Wealthlab
    best exchange: Eurex
    hedge fund website: IASG.com
    free business news: finance.yahoo.com
    free futures charts: futuresource.com

  2. DT-waw


    Great list!
    100% agree.
    With one exception. WLD should have easier scripting language, lower minimum hardware req. , faster optimizing/backtesting, lower price.
    One more thing: we would like to see higher volatility in the markets in 2004!
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