Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick buy $28 million Malibu mansion

Discussion in 'Luxury and Lifestyle' started by dealmaker, Dec 28, 2019.

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    The last time his level of play took a dip was when he was dating some other celebrity. The last 2 years have not been Rogers best, time to dump the girlfriend! :)) He can have a girlfriend again after he wins a couple more Superbowls!
  3. LOL! It's the chick's fault he can't complete a pass!

    (I understand completely. When things go to crap in my life first thing I think of is, "get a new woman".)
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    I think the house is under his name, so he bought it, not them. Carrier earnings is like 235 MM.
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    She's a titless vampire. And what is she? Like a decade older than Rodgers? Ugh.
  6. That is house is luxurious but kinda boring.