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  1. zmfactor


    I'm currently interviewing with Aardvark Trading in Chicago, for a trading assistant position. They're a market-making firm, specializing in futures.

    I've tried searching on the Internet for more information on the firm, but found very little.

    Have any of you heard of Aardvark? Do you know if it's a reputable place?
  2. So how did it go??
  3. JOEY O

    JOEY O

    I'm also interviewing for a similar position, but I'm having a hard time finding much info or even opinions.

    So, let's bump this thread.

    Anyone familiar with the prop firm?
  4. It's a TA position so they're not going to ask anything overly complicated. They will ask questions to gauge your interest/passion for the markets. They will ask a lot of behavioral questions to make sure you're a good fit.

    Probably also a few mathematical questions, possibly a few brainteasers but that depends on the firm.
  5. Anybody can share what is the Aardvark deal for junior traders?
  6. ho comes up with the names for these firms? Why is it that a monkey pounding keys on a keyboard would come up with better names for firms than 90% of these firms have? auynxckjhfiuyxpj trading would be a better name than an esoteric pussy animal.
  7. JOEY O

    JOEY O

    haha what are you talking about? the aardvark is a symbol for everything that is strong, noble, and intelligent, not to mention an american icon.
  8. zmfactor


    Did two phone interviews with them -- the first was a "technical" interview where they asked basic math and probability questions, while in the second they asked personality/behavioral questions.

    Today I found out I was rejected.
  9. JOEY O

    JOEY O

    sorry to hear about the rejection.

    what type of basic math and probability questions did they ask?
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