AAPL's evil empire closes iPhone, lies about apps

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  1. Slashdot is reporting new iPhone firmware will be released sometime in the coming week, via this link to Gizmodo.


    The update breaks all attempts to finally unlock the iPhone for wider use.

    Also, earlier this year Jobs "revealed" that 3rd party development will be supported on the iPhone.


    The new iPhone firmware will also disallow you're third party apps, leaving you with a mess. The first post on Slashdot reveals what a bad idea this is. Duh.

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    In English please :confused:

    What does this mean exactly
  3. In English this means the positive hopes about getting the iPhone to do what *you* want it to do, are no longer valid.

    Slashdot, other internet sites abuzz, with disappointment. The release will happen sometime later this week.
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  5. As the owner of an Apple laptop I hope this is not the turning point, though I fear that it is. I'm in one of Apple's flagship stores about 4 times a month. The "free love" and open feeling is the magic to the brand. Just this weekend Slashdot said the new iPhone firmware goes to the darkside in a way that "would make Microsoft blush." The good feeling is slipping away.

    The internet is giving the new changes a big thumbs down.
  6. More internet negativity on Apple's new iPhone changes (see first post). One website says "millions of voices silenced at once" - a quote from Yoda. Everything seems to have a Star Wars theme on this issue.
  7. I think it was an Obi won quote when they were on the Falcon flying to Alderann in IV A New Hope but i could be wrong!!!!
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    I believe you are right bogan
  9. Means 2 things to me...

    Dont upgrade till the hackers break 1.1.3 like they have brokern every OS Update for iphone. LOL.

    I think it was the dumbest thing for apple to try and lock out the 3rd party people.

    I love my iphone and love the fact that I can use installer.app and install anyones wishes....

    There are so many GREAT 3rd party apps out there....
  10. for most of its history, apple products have generally been "closed" and required you to use proprietary products/upgrades from apple. if you knew apple from the 80s and 90s with their apple II-series and macs, you'd know what i'm talking about. the locking and relocking of the iphone shouldnt be a surprise.

    the mac's closed architecture and the open architecture of ibm pc's of the 80s is why the pc took over the marketshare when the personal computer market was in its fledgling stages. apple's decision to keep the architecture closed was one of the most momumentally bad business decisions of the last century.
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