AAPL's earning

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cybercash28, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. They are a very good company. Quality of earning is awesome..

    They are talking about the recent run. How about the drop from $202.

    Other good earning reports today" EBAY SNDK.

    Did you see PFCB today?? the shorts got hurt in a big way.
  2. RIMM also looks very good going higher.
  3. Diego11


    thanks for the info. definetly worth a watch.
  4. SNDK chart looks very good. Broke $15 level on good volumes. Earning was great. Weekly charts shows $19 level now.
    SNDK got an offer for $27/share but declined the offer.
  5. I have to hand it to Apple. I was bearish on this stock somewhere around $90 but the company is doing a hell of a job swimming against the tide and who knows what's going on with Steve Jobs (they say he's coming back in June but damn he looked rough before he took time off).