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    anyone going long/short ahead of tonights earnings.
  2. do we really need a 4th apple thread?
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    short aapl .. sell what you have before it's too late

    138.xx is a good price to sell/short at
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    also short amzn right now @ 86 you can make 1$ per share at least
  5. Yesterday's game was a high volume tank into earnings on amzn. Shook out longs and sucked in shorts.

    Today aapl soars on vol into close.

    Perceived weak stocks get squeezed on ok earnings.

    Perceived good stocks have been getting hammered on good to great earnings.

    Will definitely be interesting to see the outcome. Great company, though they like to shake out longs every now and then.
  6. Either more than 50K calls will be puckered up or 16K puts. Nice bias huh?

    Will Apple pull an Amazon, or a Google? Amazon.com surged more than 25% this morning after posting blowout results; last week Google shares plunged over 8% after it released weaker than expected earnings.

    Apple AAPL
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    [AAPL Loading... (%) ] posts earnings after the bell today, and the August 135 straddle continues to price a move in the stock of at least $15 a share, or a move of about 12% in either direction.

    An options investor uses a straddle, which is the simultaneous purchase of a call option and a put option with the same strike price, when there is uncertainty over the direction of the underlying stock.

    The heaviest call options volume is focused on the August 150 calls, where volume has passed 50,000 contracts, exceeding open interest of 31,000 contracts. The heaviest put volume is in the August 120 strike, where volume has surpassed 16,000 -- well below open interest of 46,000.

  7. the suspense is intense

    this is gonna be huge

    Not only will apple report on previous quarter sales but will also give an update of iphone sales and activations.

    I still own some AAPL so we'll see. Hopefully they will beat the number by a large margin & report robust Iphone sales.

    But if apple underwhelms it will really suck. Futures will fall, qqqq will fall, internet stocks will fall and so will the dow nad S&P.
  8. These earnings reports are getting downright bizarre. No news, yet stock soars 5%+ AH, then pulls back down, then halts .... all on no news.

    Would almost think that would be good news for longs. However, considering ebay went up almost 5% post news, then pulled back down and tanked after good news...

    update... blew away earnings. Some weird AH activity though, someone knew something early. Wonder why the halt.

    Congrats longs, can't see how they can make this look bad.
  10. yep I was going to post the same thought about AH trading.
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