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  1. WTH is up with that stock? keeps on going up, why? makes me mad since i sold at 110 and it just keeps on rising!!
  2. Buy & hold

    gap-ups on short white candle from an extended base is very bullish


    weekly chart
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  4. Demand is greater than supply?
  5. Agreed. Recent price action is not necessarily based on fundamentals. The stock is just hot.

    More demand than supply.

    I'll pull a number out of my ass: 135. And it will reach it by September.
  6. Tums


    where is Blue ?
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    Apple has made fashionable hip technology, which is a fickle market, but until they lose it, Apple stock will continue to rise.

    Heres a hint, the same people who pay $600 for a cell phone, will pay $2500 for a macbook pro.
  8. AAPL can do no wrong

    great stock, great company
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    People are saying that this stock is due for some correction. I agree with them, but that doesn't mean you should sell now.

    Just ride the wave, make sure you put the trailing stop, and let your winners pile up your retirement fund :)
  10. 150 now

    AAPLEs apple
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