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  1. AAPL report:

    Any predictions? I say a "good" report with everything in-line...no blowout...stock drops to the low 90's...
  2. blast19


    I don't follow AAPL close...but my magic balls say Ipod sales dropped dramatically YOY, Itunes store is sucking, and overly-optimistic apple followers see that although the company is selling more computers...buying their computers is indeed a fad.

    $80 here we come....maybe not too fast, but the stock will lose some steam quickly.

    Hey, that's what the balls say....oh yeah, and "scratch me"
  3. empee


    i say we gap up tommorow on earnings "surprise" etc etc. Unlikely to close over 102 before options exp tho. (this Friday)
  4. S2007S


    watch the mac sales, thats what everyone is paying closely attention too.

    As for AAPL, everything is priced into the stock in my opinion however with the bull running wild AAPL could easily rally to 105-110 AH.
  5. Yeah, I'm worried about the short term, but more bullish once you start talking about April. So I have a some long-term OTM vertical call spreads, and I went long on the JAN 95 / 90 put vertical for a little insurance, because I figure if AAPL goes down this week, it's gonna hit low 90's...
  6. My prediction:

    Stunning blow out, and Apple runs up to $110 between now and Monday.

    After that, caveat emptor.
  7. Judging from the way it is trading, I think it goes higher tomorrow by at least a couple bucks.
  8. S2007S


    1.14, they blew est. away. HALTED AS WELL

    Revenue beat too, expect 110 by tonight.