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  1. I think all the big boys took the Fri off.

    Next time when you see Barron's bulling any stock on the cover, you'd better get out quick.
    #51     Aug 11, 2006
  2. oh gosh, aapl is done, get out of longs and buy your puts now if you haven't already. remember the cockroach theory, one cockroach, two cockroaches, pretty soon we're talking real big cockroaches..

    an ailing stage 3 stock in an ailing group in an ailing market -don't be surprised if it gaps down 10pts
    #52     Aug 11, 2006
  3. that would make my day.
    hopefully it happens before august expiration ... if not .. i'll have to renew forward to Sep. :)

    but may do it in straddle form again. apple works well with straddles.
    #53     Aug 11, 2006
  4. trendo


    What is your typical stop loss on AAPL??
    #54     Aug 12, 2006
  5. Long or short straddle?
    #55     Aug 12, 2006
  6. short straddle? hahahah... a trade like that would be as close to russian roulette as you could get.
    #56     Aug 12, 2006