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    What are your opinions on the updated news on the options scandal. Buying opportunity or is it time to dump the stock and move on.
  2. ja, i think is a buy opp but cautious with a small pos as a start...if it rebounds nicely [which i think it will] then add. only concern is the fact the have to restate earnings goin' back to 2002 but what the heck, can those options grants make much of a dent into those massive results? dont think so.
  3. i agree. but emotional investors do unreasonable things. a few days ago, i bought 5 67.5 august straddles on apple. this will be interesting.
  4. How come nothing happens AH?
  5. It was announced too late. There was some selling to 65.00.

    This is 4 years of incorrect earnings. Even though the variance in numbers may not be big, imagine the possible shareholder lawsuits, and possible liability from potential manipulations that have occured throughout the years.

    This is a major blow to public trust in the market. I can't imagine this thing NOT selling off 20 points tommorow. We all know what happens to even the most profitable companies when bad news like this comes out.

    There's even talk of ousting Steve Jobs. That can't bode well.

    [disclosure: i've lost quite a bit in the past going long on Aapl.. now I happen to own a few puts. just my luck. maybe I'll break even]
  6. I'm long aapl too at 67.90, down 4+ points in after hrs trading. :(
  7. get out quick and take your loss. and don't be too eager to rebuy.
  8. Should have seen this coming. Some street hustler upgraded it this past Monday and it has been on a roll since. The big boys got out at a better price...
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    Oh boyyy! the comedy on this board. Seriously, you can't make shit like this up. LOL :D
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    You're not kidding. To think I was wasting my time replying to some whinny trader-want-to-be on some penny ante scam he got sheared on.

    You gotta love the sheep!! Hey someone has to pay the bills right?

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