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AAPL is heading to 70

  1. maybe

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  2. no

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  3. all aboard!!!!

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  1. ok - I have some time today so starting this (new) AAPL thread! I think it's ready for blast off out of a bullish pattern (wedg-ish). Maybe I'm getting head-faked here but I say get on board NOW as the train is ready to leave the station for a sustained ride higher! :confused:

    Comments !

  2. Long term maybe. Tons of overhead resistance short term. The trend line is still down.
  3. depends on your timeframe -

    anything longer then a 6 months and the trendline is strongly up.
  4. .... should have kept my mouth shut!! I post and it immediately sells off! :confused:

    Still sticking with my "blast off" scenario!
  5. AAPL


    is this noise, sucker rally or beginning of uptrend!?

  6. romik


    I would say it's a buy here, I had a similar scenario recently in EBAY based on TA. IMO profit target $62.5-$63. I feel weekly chart is not ready for a bounce, so one could perhaps scale in if it declines further, daily looks ready for a bounce to me. Check charts for S/R.
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  7. romik


    Here is EBAY chart
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  8. craneman


    I think aapl my run up a few bucks into its earnings announcement on July 19 as well as some window dressing buyback, but I'm not ready to call 70 bux yet.
  9. everything is stuck in this market right now - there is a lot of pressure building up in some of the market-leading stocks, we just need the broader market to finishin bottoming and start to trend higher.

    note: i think we bottomed already but some sellers are still being shaken out. just like the momentum stocks that moved up sharply early in the year were the hardest hit when the sell-off came, the stocks that have been punished unfairly.(apple, google, etc.) will rally the most when the sellers exit.

    im still calling 100 by year end, baring naked pictures of Jobs showing up online......
  10. That options investigation is going to haunt many high flying stocks for the forseeable future.
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